First & New

Greetings! And thanks for checking out a brand new web site. I've been working quietly but feverishly to bring a fresh design to showcase my work. A site that is easy to navigate and displays photographs with the clarity and color "pop" that they deserve. Best of all, this new site may be accessed from mobile devices. 

My intention is to use this site as a "portfolio" of sorts, aimed at the audience I now work for. Weddings, engagements, portraits of all types, and commercial work for organizations and businesses. After 27 years in the newspaper business, it's hard to turn my back on the fun of the past. There is and will be, a category devoted to my career in paper and ink entitled "photojournalism archives."

This web site will be "leaner" than the old site. Not as many categories. Images involving animals, travel, and artwork may be located on my SmugMug site, I will use my professional facebook page, Kent Kriegshauser Photography, to showcase full galleries of multiple images from individual events photographed. 

I'm three and a half years into managing my own business. I greatly appreciate the support and business I've received to this point. And I look forward to a busy summer and fall. Many jobs are already booked for 2014. 

I've also recently invested in two brand new lenses. Trading in some of my old Nikkor glass for a pair of zooms which should greatly increase my efficiency and speed on jobs. New technology is not inexpensive. I swallowed hard at the cost, but don't believe in compromise when it comes to equipment. 

If you don't see me out, with a cameras in hand, chances are I'm here in the "office," trying to move forward. Let's go!